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When scrapping is part of your livelihood it’s sometimes difficult to find decent scrap during the colder months. Here are some tips when scrapping during the winter season.

Tip #1 – Take Advantage of the Season
Don’t fight the season and try to do things the same way you would have if you were trying to hunt down scrap metal in June. Think about some of the seasonal aspects of this time of year and all the ways that you can capitalize on them in your scrap metal recycling.

  • Holiday Lights – Check local trash dumpsters, cans and even area businesses for discarded holiday lights. In many cases, people will put away broken light strings and not discover that they are bad until they try to hang them the next year. So start looking around Thanksgiving all the way up past New Years for light strings. When you go to recycle metal in Westport at Mid-City Scrap, ask about recycling holiday lights. Many contain a lower insulated copper wire and can fetch a decent price for your efforts.
  • Decorations – Many people use great big holiday decorations this time of year that are made of various metals. Aluminum sheeting, wrought iron and other materials are often discarded this time of year as residents and businesses sort through their old decorations. Put an ad in your local paper or Craigslist offering to pick up broken or unwanted holiday decorations (and lights) – you might be surprised at how many requests you receive.

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Holiday Scrapping

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With the holidays right around the corner, what better way to earn some extra cash than by scrapping?  We offer the most competitive prices in town and plus we’re friendly to boot!

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