Sell Your Scrap!

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

The colder weather is approaching…wouldn’t it be nice to actually park your car in the garage this winter? How about turning a not-so-good pastime like cleaning out the garage into quite the money maker? No, (thankfully) I’m not talking about the two days you spend haggling with others at your annual yard sale, I’m talking about selling your scrap! Take your old run-down cars, appliances, electronics and even pop cans and find a better, more profitable use for them.

But what exactly is scrap metal?

Scrap metal is bits and pieces of metal not in use that are then collected. There are two types of scrap metal that are acceptable at the scrap yard:

Ferrous material: Iron and Steel products

Non-ferrous material: Aluminum, copper, brass

Why is it so important to scrap metal?

Reusing scrap metal helps to avoid continuously mining the Earth for natural resources. The recycled metal can be reused in several different ways including car manufacturing.

How much does recycling scrap pay?

The scrap metal industry is a competitive one, and often times prices are slightly different depending on your location.  Upstate Metal Recycling in Fort Wayne, Indiana offers scrap recycling at the most competitive prices. Prices are reviewed weekly in case any changes in pricing does occur. Visit the Upstate website, for further details!

(Definitions were provided by

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