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Like the weather, scrapping for some extra cash is HOT! Upstate Metal Recycling in Fort Wayne, Indiana has seen an increase in the amount of scrap coming in during these past few warm months, but unfortunately thefts have also on the rise.  Upstate makes it a point to photograph all the first time scrappers to ensure the honesty of all their customers. Scrapping businesses are becoming more and more aware of thefts to ensure the safety and honesty of all the parties involved.

Recently the Greene County Daily World published an article stating that two Indiana men were arrested and sentenced for stealing scrap from an old coal mine.  They’ll now be serving time for this class A misdemeanor.  Please, be smart with your scrapping! When collecting scrap the honest way, bring it to Upstate Metal Recycling for fair pricing on your steel, copper, brass, junk cars, etc.

Check out the article and don’t let this be you!

Recent Scrap Arrests

Taking your unused/collected metal, steel, brass and copper to the scrapyard is more popular than ever these days.  Upstate Metal Recycling in Fort Wayne, Indiana can definitely vouch for that. Ever since Upstate let the community know they were recycling junk cars they see an average of ten cars a week!

Not only do we get several cars a week, but we also get several customer questions. The biggest question those anticipating scrapping have is, “What determines scrap metal prices?”  There are four big factors that can help you decipher scrap metal prices: scrap metal type, geographical location, quantity of scrap metal and current spot metal prices.  When considering these factors, determining your scraps worth becomes a little easier.

1. Scrap Metal Type: Scrap metal is separated into a few different categories.  Copper, lead, steel, brass, etc are all scraps that are acceptable at the local yard.  It becomes a little more difficult when separating these types of metals into further categories, such as copper wire or 18-10 grade stainless steel.  It’s usually best to talk with your local yard before scrapping to ensure you’ve got metal worth selling.

2. Geographical Location: When considering scrapping your metal think about your location.  The prices will be highest in areas that have the most competition.  It may not please you to drive an hour and ‘waste’ $15 in gas…but a more competitive location can make you an additional 15% on your scrap.  Do a little research, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Quality of Scrap Metal: Quality over quantity may work in your favor.

4. Current Spot Metal Prices: Be careful, prices change fairly often.  Most of the times by a few cents.  Upstate Metal Recycling updates the pricing on their website every Wednesday and gladly take phone calls to those interested in our pricing. Pricing is mostly based on refineries.  The more money they make on their refined metal, the more money you can sell your scrap for.

If you live in the Fort Wayne area, scrap with Upstate.  Pretty soon, you’ll be an expert!