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Many our confused when taking their scrap into the yard in exchange for some extra cash, their confusion…the difference in pricing.  Pricing for scrap metal can change on a daily basis.  Upstate Metal Recycling in Fort Wayne, Indiana is aware of the fluctuation frustration, but has a pretty clear explanation as to why prices change like they do.

Here’s the scoop:

Scrap metal today can be priced at various different prices due to the needs and demand for metals. The more projects in motion needing the scrap metal products, the more scrap is in demand, thus the higher the price. It’s important to be knowledgable in regards to the different types of scrap metal that is collected and how much it sells for. One thing is certain, prices are always changing.  In order to lessen the confusion, Upstate updates their pricing every Wednesday.

This week, the prices are slightly lower than usual but that’s not to say an increase won’t happen in the very near future.

 Upstate Metal Recycling takes great pride in giving you a great deal on all your steel, aluminum, brass, copper, electric wire, cars, shingles, etc. You can even ‘Like’ them on Facebook for a coupon on your next visit to the yard.

This blog somewhat goes hand in hand with the previous article. It’s apparent that the two teens involved in this theft failed to read our blog from two weeks ago. Their loss, unfortunately. For those familiar with the scrapping industry, it can be quite profitable if done correctly. Upstate Metal Recycling out of Fort Wayne, Indiana has several regular customers that work hard at collecting scrap as often as possible in exchange for the most competitive prices in town.  But then there are those that try to abuse the system.  Recently, two teenagers in Fort Wayne were arrested for trying to steal over $5,000 worth of copper from a local Indiana Michigan Power site.

Read the article in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette here: 2 teens charged in copper theft try

As sly as these two teens thought they were, it’s highly doubtful that they could fool any scrapyard in this town. It’s even highly likely to be caught by surrounding towns for that matter, due to the fact they are all made aware of significant thefts of metal and scrap in the area.

Long blog short, don’t try to steal scrap metal.  Not only will you be caught but you’ll also be persecuted. What’s the point? Collect your scrap honestly like the rest of us.

If you’re an honest scrapper, take your loot to Upstate Metal Recycling. Upstate is more than happy to help pay you for the scrap you’ve collected honestly.  Upstate Metal Recycling takes great pride in giving you a great deal on all your steel, aluminum, brass, copper, electric wire, cars, shingles, etc. You can even ‘Like’ them on Facebook for a coupon on your next visit to the yard.

Do you know the rules when it comes to collecting scrap metal? Many innocent people looking to make some extra cash fail to realize that their collection tactics may not fully be legal.  Upstate Metal Recycling in Fort Wayne, Indiana wants your scrap but only if it’s collected fairly, and legally. Following those two rules can provide you with a hefty payout. has posted an article to help scrappers understand the basic rules of scrap collection. This articles main purpose is to ensure that collectors aren’t stealing scrap from area garbage cans without the proper permission. Wouldn’t you much rather be making money by turning in your scrap to Upstate instead of having to paying for a ticket that you collected while rummaging through your neighbors trash?

Here’s the full length article:

Collecting Scrap That Has Been Thrown Out

Scrap Metal collection is a great idea; But then again, so are a lot of things. It doesn’t, however, mean any of them are legal. So, what does law have in store for those who are scrapping waste picked from other’s garbage? Could The police one day pop out from around the corner and give you a ticket. Or worse?

For hundreds of years, waste materials have been considered property of the public. This precedent dates back to the oldest of laws in Europe and Native American practices in North America. To quote my neighbor’s retort, “Yeah, so were public executions, that doesn’t mean they should be legal today…What’s your point?”

Well, the difference between this law and any of our other archaic laws is that this one doesn’t infringe on anyone’s rights, nor is it inhumane. Now, if you use people’s garbage to do immoral things, those immoral things should and are (usually) already illegal. For example, taking someone’s confidential credit card information or stealing their identity would be completely illegal. The fact that you picked that information from the garbage didn’t make it a crime. Even if it were illegal to dumpster dive, would that stop somebody who is trying to steal that information? Would it stop somebody who is looking for food?

As a scrapper, you aren’t snooping around in someone’s garbage to steal their identity; you are harvesting clearly abandoned scrap metal. There has never been, nor ever will be, anything immoral about picking up scrap metal and keeping it out of landfills.

There is a common misconception that scrapping is keeping money out of the pockets of our government, or raising taxes, or some other crazy lie. I don’t know how that started, I don’t know why it started, but I bet it is because of some tight-ass, paranoia-stricken delusion-oids. If you are one who is afraid of people salvaging your scrap metal, why?

None the less, local laws/ordinances make it a ticket-able offense to take scrap metal from the trash. I don’t know how that helps much of anything. People can simply ask homeowners for permission before they pick things up to scrap them. All the law is doing is drawing attention to the fact that people are scrapping, not stifling it. It’s dumb.

When you take your trash to the curb, you are placing it in the public domain. It is becoming public property as it is sitting on the government-owned fringe property waiting for the city’s publicly contracted waste management service to pick it up. If your garbage has not been put to the street, if you have a private dumpster that is locked, or if your have set your scrap in a green recycling bin then nobody should be messing with it without permission. If somebody does, then you can call the police.

The precedent of legal trash picking was confirmed by the United States Congress in the famous California v. Greenwood case.

Keeping Your Truck Street Legal

As a scrapper one thing to be careful of is letting your truck “overflow” with garbage. An expensive way to solve this problem is to put on a truck bed cap, or start driving a van. An easy way to solve this problem is to not drive on main roads without first strapping all of your junk down with some simple ratchet straps.

Once you’ve collected your scrap the legal way, bring it to Upstate Metal Recycling on Bluffton Rd. Upstate is more than happy to help you exchange the scrap you collected (legally) for cash.  Upstate Metal Recycling takes great pride in giving you a great deal on all your steel, aluminum, brass, copper, electric wire, cars, shingles, etc. You can even ‘Like’ them on Facebook for a coupon on your next visit to the yard.