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It’s safe to say that owning a microwave is a staple for every American household. Even though we may not use the power of the heat waves everyday, we certainly use this device for convenience at least a few times a week. But what happens when your microwave heats its last meal?

…Easy, you’re left with a huge (and heavy) pile of junk.  HOLD THAT THOUGHT, FRIEND! You can easily scrap your microwave for a few bucks!

The guts inside your microwave consist of a magnetron, wire, a small motor, transformers, and a large capacitor. The magnetron is full of copper and is responsible for generating working energy from electricity.   Along with the transformer, this part can be sold at motor price. When it comes to the transformer, you can either sell this piece at motor price, or remove the copper wire (more time consuming).

Even though a microwave doesn’t withhold precious metals, it can still fetch you a little extra cash from a scrapyard…or even on eBay!

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