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old cast iron barbecue grill

Summer is approaching and what better way to welcome it than with a new grill? Of course, scrounging up with money for a new barbeque may not be within everyone’s budget unfortunately.  But before you make the idea of a deliciously cooked steak disappear, consider scrapping your old grill for some extra cash.

But how?

First it’s important to identify the types of metals your grill actually contains. The metals you should find are:

  • Stainless steel: These pieces will not be magnetic and are used mainly for aesthetic purposes.  You’ll find more stainless steel in a higher market grill.
  • Cast metal/zinc or aluminum: More than likely this is used for the top and bottom of the grill chamber.
  • Propane tank: It’s best not to scrap your propane tank, just reuse it!
  • Brass: Brass is also not magnetic. You’ll find most brass pieces in the knobs and other fittings.
  • Other mixed metals: The unused portions of your grill (whatever’s left) will fall into the mixed metal category.

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