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We can’t help but feel like a daily topic on the news is the subject of Global Warming. We’re not shooting down the idea that Global Warming exists, we are however wondering if there are bigger issues playing a role in this ‘mega meltdown.’ Don’t you think that in addition to the solving the world’s glacier melting problems that we should be putting more effort into helping prevent it?

The essential decline of our planet due to our carbon emissions and the disappearance of forests can almost be elevated if a bigger emphasis is made on recycling materials instead of wasting them. Yes, being a scrapyard we definitely promote recycling but doesn’t it just make more sense to put forth more effort into fixing the world’s recycling problem first? Or at least putting the issue of Global Warming and Recycling in the same playing field?

What are you thoughts?

Should we work on focusing more on Recycling to help reduce Global Warming further?


Should we work more trying to fix the issues that Global Warming has already caused?

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