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With the world becoming more and more technology reliant savvy, it seems as though a new tech gadget comes out on the daily.  We all seem to want the best, the fastest and the easiest electronics on the market. If you think about it, even cell phone providers are creating plans that include switching out your cell phone on a six month basis in order to get the newest model…

This isn’t a bad thing, it’s important to be up with the times and technology literate…but there is one downside to the increasing need for new tech products.  What about the E*Waste? recently wrote an article stating that the amount of E*Waste worldwide is going to increase by at least 33%  by 2017.  E*Waste like other types of hazardous waste is bad for our environment if disposed of improperly. It’s time to take initiative! The article states, “We are a little bit behind compared with countries in the European Union…European countries have had established e-waste recycling programs for more than 10 years, whereas only 25 U.S. states have started similar programs, Linnell said.”

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Although the amount of e-waste is on the rise, the amount of e-waste recycling is also on the rise. More and more recycling centers/scrapyards are becoming e-waste friendly to help decrease the amount of waste ending up in a landfill. Don’t forget that every little bit helps!

Do you recycle your E-Waste?

 Are you going to start recycling your E-Waste?

 At Upstate Metal Recycling we take great pride in taking your collected scrap metal to help avoid your recyclable waste ending up in a landfill. If you’re interested in recycling your own scrap, bring it to Upstate! We’ll recycle your scrap while giving you the best price in exchange! Upstate Metal Recycling will take your car batteries, steel, aluminum, brass, copper, electric wire, cars, shingles, etc. You can even ‘Like’ them on Facebook for a coupon on your next visit to the yard.

Upstate Metal Recycling in Fort Wayne, Indiana has taken the e-waste recycling by storm. Not only does recycling your e-waste safely save billions of dollars, but it also saves it from being exported to countries that fail to dispose of it properly.  As beneficial as e-waste has proven to be, there’s still an issue that many consumers struggle with; that issue being the correct way to dispose of batteries.  Too many batteries are ending up in landfills and contaminating the ground and the water beneath it.   Several battery companies have gathered together to form the Corporation for Battery Recycling (CBR) to help bring more awareness to this growing problem.

Triplepundit.comrecently posted an article regarding the brand-name companies coming together to increase battery recycling. You can read the article here:

Panasonic, Energizer, P&G Promise to Ramp Up Battery Recycling

If you find yourself in Fort Wayne or in the surrounding area, Upstate is more than happy to help you exchange your scrap for cash.  Upstate Metal Recycling takes great pride in giving you a great deal on all your steel, aluminum, brass, copper, electric wire, cars, shingles, etc. You can even ‘Like’ them on Facebook for a coupon on your next visit to the yard.

It’s the time of year when you’re busy cleaning out your closets, garages and any other areas that have collected clutter throughout the past year.  Yard sales are popping up on every street corner, and unfortunately you’ve joined the masses when it comes to being suckered into the idea that you’re actually going to make a pretty penny selling all your junk this year.

After perusing through your closet space you find plenty of clothes garage sale worthy, but what about all your leftover hangers?  Lets face it, your dry cleaner has provided you with a plethora of wire hangers with absolutely no space to store them.  The quick and easy solution would be to pitch them all out with your yard sale rejects, but what about making some extra pennies by taking them to the scrap yard? Yes, scrap your wire hangers!

The article, What to do with your wire hanger? on states,

“Unlike paper and plastic, there is no specific designated recycling bins for disposal of your used wire hangers, so many of us simply throw them away.  This results in 3.5 billion hangers ending up in our landfills each year…According to the National Cleaners Association (NCA), if a wire hanger is returned to a dry cleaner in poor condition then that cleaner could send them to a scrap metal dealer or given them back to the supplier who may have other methods of disposal.  The NCA also suggest that people concerned about this issue should make it a community project.  Run a wire hanger drive or identify a place where your neighbors can gather them up and pass along to a scrap metal dealer.”

Upstate Metal Recycling in Fort Wayne, Indiana would be happy to take your hangers…and all the other scrap including metal, copper, steel, e-waste and even your junk cars!  The bonus with Upstate is if your load is too heavy, they’ll pick it up free of charge! Granted, it’s safe to say you won’t get rich off of the wire hanger recycling business, but at least you’ll be helping the environment at the same time. You may think that throwing away one measly wire hanger fails to be a big issue in our landfills…but those hangers add up. Stop in, call or visit Upstates website.  You won’t be disappointed!

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