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A big “kudos” goes out to car manufacturer, General Motors! recently posted an article highlighting GM on their recycling.  General Motors doesn’t just recycle; they RECYCLE!  Last year, GM had a total of one billion dollars in recycling revenue.

“The company confirmed that it recycles 90 per cent of its worldwide manufacturing waste and has 105 landfill-free facilities across the globe, a figure it aims to raise to 125 by the end of the decade.”

As part of the waste reduction push plants in India, Thailand and Russia have replaced wooden pallets with reusable plastic, saving 566 tons of waste, while new auto paint robots and processes to reduce the use of paint thinner have saved up to 200 tons across two plants.”

General Motors is setting a great example for other big companies to start taking notice on the environment. Not only do they make it a point to recycle their unused material, but they’re also creating vehicle models that are more eco-friendly and fuel efficient.

“GM already sells six models with some form of electrification, including the Spark EV and the Chevrolet Volt, known as the Vauxhall Ampera in the UK, and intends to put 500,000 electric or hybrid electric cars onto US roads by 2017.”

Check out the entire article here.

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