Recently I came across an article on discussing recycling advocates and their interesting recycling habits.  Did you know that those who tend to recycle more often tend to also ‘waste’ more?

Wait, what?

Yes, the previous statement is actually true!  Those who consider themselves avid recyclers also tend to use/waste more materials when they are aware that the materials are going to be disposed of properly and eventually reused.

The article states,

“…They linked the answers with previous studies that showed how people who try to behave in an eco-friendly manner often trade off and rationalize their behavior, such as saying it is okay to do a non-green thing because something else they do balances it out. In this case, they concluded that the people in the experiment used the recycling option as a way to allow themselves to use more waste because it was going to be recycled.”

Do you find yourself using more materials, food, etc. when you know that it’s going to be recycled of properly?

Check out the entire article here!

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