Have you ever started a project and found that you were left with several unusable items once the project concluded? This is what we would call ‘waste material.’  If you’re left with several different types of waste material, it is called a ‘waste stream.’


No matter the profession or business, there’s always some type of waste stream leftover.  Whether you’re in the restaurant business and have leftover food, or the education profession and have leftover paper from an art project, there’s always some type of waste.


This is where scrap yards come in! The big purpose of a scrap yard is to buy scrap metal  so it can be pulled out of a waste stream. The scrap yard will buy the material (usually by the pound or sometimes by the ton) and will pay you depending on the material. This makes it possible for the scrap metal to be melted down to create new products.  The less waste we have, the better off the environment is.

At Upstate Metal Recycling we take great pride in taking your collected scrap metal. If you’re interested in recycling your own scrap, bring it to Upstate! We’ll recycle your scrap while giving you the best price in exchange! Upstate Metal Recycling will take your steel, aluminum, brass, copper, electric wire, cars, shingles, etc. You can even ‘Like’ them on Facebook for a coupon on your next visit to the yard.

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