It’s no secret that recycling your scrap can help you make some extra cash, but do you realize the true benefits to the environment that come along with disposing of your metals the correct way? When you recycle your scrap you help to preserve natural resources and save energy. Also, you’re keeping non-biodegradable products out of the landfills, which is much healthier for the Earth.

How does this all happen?

Surprisingly, recycling non-ferrous metals causes no loss of chemical or physical properties. This makes for much cleaner air.  The recycling process is more convenient and safer for scrap metals such as albumin, nickel, lead, copper, etc. These metals are incredibly beneficial when it comes to the creation of new products.  Plus, these non-ferrous scrap metals can be recycled over and over again. See why we should keep these products out of the landfills?  Not only can they be reused an endless amount of times, but they also cut back on much needed space in the ever-growing landfills.

Thanks to scrappers, the value of non-ferrous metals has increased in the past couple years.  Not only has the value climbed but the amount of scrap recycled has increased to over nine million tons in 2012.

Please continue to do your part to help the environment by being more conscious when it comes to recycling your scrap.  Again, not only does it benefit your pocket, but it also benefits the environment!

At Upstate Metal Recycling we take great pride in taking your legally collected scrap metal. If you’re interested in recycling your own scrap, bring it to Upstate! We’ll recycle your scrap while giving you the best price in exchange! Upstate Metal Recycling will take your steel, aluminum, brass, copper, electric wire, cars, shingles, etc. You can even ‘Like’ them on Facebook for a coupon on your next visit to the yard.


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