Scrap Smart Fort Wayne, Indiana

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, metal recycling, Prices, recycling, Scrap
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Like the weather, scrapping for some extra cash is HOT! Upstate Metal Recycling in Fort Wayne, Indiana has seen an increase in the amount of scrap coming in during these past few warm months, but unfortunately thefts have also on the rise.  Upstate makes it a point to photograph all the first time scrappers to ensure the honesty of all their customers. Scrapping businesses are becoming more and more aware of thefts to ensure the safety and honesty of all the parties involved.

Recently the Greene County Daily World published an article stating that two Indiana men were arrested and sentenced for stealing scrap from an old coal mine.  They’ll now be serving time for this class A misdemeanor.  Please, be smart with your scrapping! When collecting scrap the honest way, bring it to Upstate Metal Recycling for fair pricing on your steel, copper, brass, junk cars, etc.

Check out the article and don’t let this be you!

Recent Scrap Arrests

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