Where do I take all of my aluminum cans?

Posted: March 15, 2012 in metal recycling

With the price of living reaching all time records, many people are beginning to complain that energy costs are just too high. Unfortunately, it’s really no big surprise that energy costs continue to skyrocket when people keep ignoring the importance of something as simple as recycling. I’ll admit, it’s sometimes difficult to see the big picture when it comes to gathering a bunch of cans to recycle.  But just a few cans in the bin can help to keep our cost of living somewhat manageable.

When collecting cans, there are several ways to recycle the masses of aluminum. Upstate Metal Recycling has a few suggestions:

  • If you have a local residential recycling pickup, use it.  In Fort Wayne, Indiana there is a recycling pick-up every two weeks. Dial 311 in order to find out which day of the week your pick-up falls on.
  • If you live in an area that does not provide residential recycling pickup or would like to make some extra cash, bag up your cans and drop them at Upstate Metal Recycling. The current price for cans is .55/lb. Although this seems like quite a bit, it only takes around 28-32 aluminum cans to make a pound.   That’s only a little over a 24 pack! If you have a significant amount of cans, contact Upstate for a possible home pickup!
  • If you’re unable to make it to Upstate there’s still the option of donating your can collection to a local church, Girl Scout troop or other organization.  Several organizations collect cans for extra money towards a good cause.

While you still may be contemplating the future of your aluminum cans, please remember to not toss them in the garbage. Recycling is the more efficient way to go, plus it could put extra dollars in your pocket! Call Upstate Metal Recycling, 260.747.2000 or visit us at 11400 Bluffton Rd, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46809.

 Wondering what happens to your recycled cans? Check this video out!

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